Sunday, December 5, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year.... this time. I just so love the cold winter nights, with Christmas lights all around. My favorite days are not sunny days, but those dreary, cloudy days... they are the days that I am most happiest.. especially when around those that I love.  Drinking hot chocolate by the fire under a blanket, and watching Christmas movies is so cozy. I love it. My favorite part of this season is not about the gifts but the days preceding Christmas, that cheer in the air, and the meaning of Christmas. Jesus came to the world for US.  I also just love how this season is so family oriented.
This year has brought so much happiness, and a lot of firsts for me... and big decisions that I am needing to make at this moment.
This year was my 21 year, so it was a big year. I figured out what I am doing with my life. This 2010, I went on my first trip without my family, and went on several afterwords. Decided that I was going to get my Autism Certificate, and continue to pursue my Bachelors degree. I got my first boyfriend, and I picked a good one. Today was our 5 month anniversary of dating, and has it gone so fast. I never would have been in this relationship had I not gone to the first beach trip, and given everything to God. This is very important. Plus, I went to a bar/concert for the first time the other week, and it was awesome. This year I also turned down a job, and lost a beloved friend, my bird Scuttle. Yet, through the good and bad times, I still feel so grateful for everything. God has been my Rock, my Friend, my Comforter, and I am so blessed that He is in my life.
 I am looking in to moving out. My best friend is going to possibly buy a house and her sister and I would be her roommates. This is something I am praying about but probably will not end up doing it. A year is a big commitment, and a lot could transpire over the course of that time. Big decisions are hard, and scary. It's that part of being an adult that no one really prepares you for..  or if they do, the knowledge of how hard and how impacting decisions can not be or are not described. I am thankful for God who is guiding every move I make. 
This is the first year I have really stepped in to my own, and began to become the person I long to be. I will forever look at 2010 as an amazing year, life is a highway, might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. It can be fun. Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Stay safe and warm, and remember this season is about being around those you love and not about the presents. Jesus is the reason for the season!
God bless!

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